IMVU Hack Tool – How to Hack IMVU Credits

One of the great wonders of this generation are online games. One particular genre that stands out is the social network game. IMVU is one such game which probably inspired many other actual social network websites. However, we are here to talk about one particular aspect of these games. It is about the currency which players must pay for. The game we will be taking about today is IMVU. In IMVU you have credits. Credits are used to buy any item within the vast 30 million items collection catalog. We are here to talk about the public release of the imvu hack tool. This imvu hack will enable you to get the most out of your imvu experience. IMVU is more than a social game. It is a world in its own where people have the chance to complete their lives.

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The IMVU Hack Tool

This program is online based. Just as many similar tools you can find on the internet it has been finally upgraded. it used to be .exe version only. Today you can actually use it on any device. Be it Android, iPhone, gaming consoles or PC, MAC Рit is available everywhere. You do not have to download it to your device. The new imvu hack online is also more safer and more accurate. If you want to learn how to hack imvu credits there is no better time and place than now. Just go to website and there you will be able to learn once and for all how to hack imvu credits safe and fast! The imvu hack tool is constantly checked and revised when needed. However we are not able to provide unlimited resources.

A Safer IMVU Hack Online

If we really want a safer imvu hack we need to change old ways of ding things. Companies have become more and more aware of such hack tools. It is time to look into the future and to understand that we need new approach to counter the security measures implemented by gaming companies against such tools as this imvu hack. To be able to have a timeless imvu free credits solution we had to come up with new ideas on how to create this imvu online hack as well as other similar tools. Since our top priority is to keep your account safe we now have a daily limit of free imvu credits you can add to your account. This is highly relevant if you are looking for how to hack imvu credits in a SAFE manner without being at risk of being banned.

Go to FREE IMVU CREDITS website to get instant access to the imvu credits hack.

In order to generate the credits to your account you need to perform these steps:

  1. Enter your account username (Guest_username);
  2. Select the amount of free credits (check the website for the actual daily limit);
  3. Select location (optional);
  4. Activate Proxy Feature (prevents your account being traced back to our imvu online hack);
  5. Activate the Payment Emulation feature (keeps your account totally safe)
  6. Click GENERATE button;
  7. Wait around 5-10 minutes until the credits show into your account.

Video Tutorial

This is a simple, yet very effective and most importantly – safe imvu hack tool that will help you have the greatest times within the IMVU world.

My Favourite Modern Indie Games

Indie games are becming more and more popular. The vast world of 3D games are sometimes overwhelming. A 2D or a simpler game is always a good break. Other people however have their focus only on these genre. Who is to blame then when there are some really good games within this genre that can make look small a lot of 3D blockbuster games. Either you like it or not here are some of the best modern indie games that you need to play today.


rime game

If yu are looking for an epic and simple game, you need to check out Rime. Rime is a wonderful looking game that reminds me of some of the best games such as Zelda. The game concept is not new. The puzzles are not the greatest, but the visuals and the gameplay really pay off and it really adds up nicely to the overall feeling and experience. I also put a lot of weight on music when it comes to indie games. Music can change a whole lot and it does the job wonderfully in Rime. If you haven’t played it already, check it out. You will enjoy every second of it.



cuphead game

If you are an old timer, Cuphead is one game you definitely need to play. The concept is so great that it still amazes me how come no one come with this idea earlier. It fells so good and fits very well in the modern gaming world. In cuphead you play in a world drawn in old style Disney specific visuals which are stunning looking. It is surprisingly how well the visuals work for a video game. The story and gameplay is rather simple, but the visuals and the overall experience worth every penny. Definitely an indie game to try if you haven’t already done so.




Desync is not for everyone. I personally like more colored and childish concept when it comes to the indie games. Desync is a good play nonetheless. You can have a great time regardless of your tastes in games. If you happen to be a shooter fan, you may like this game a lot. The complexity of this FPS game spawns from its simplicity. You creatively make use of the combos and sequences for higher rewarding. The visuals are pretty unique and have the potential to throw you away from the real world.


Hollow Knight

hollow knight

I am not very fond of games that test your patience and your gaming skills. Despite that I still choose Hollow Knight for my favorite indie games list. The overall gameplay and style make up for some of the most brutal, but beautiful visuals ever seen in a 2D game. Big explosions, epic destructions and some of the hardest bosses. It is how a 2D game should be. Great cast, great music and some of the most wonderful hand-drawn art seen in any indie game. However, they could have made the bosses easier to defeat but I guess this is what makes the game more playable and more memorable.


Little Nightmares

little nightmares

It’s hard not to like this little gem. Everything Little Nightmares has to offer is put together to make you feel what your character feels. You long for him and you push the buttons out of instinct rather than out of pleasure. As the name suggest this is a horror 2D indie game with one of the most compelling characters, visuals and sound design. The game is meant to feel you lonely and scared. Helpless and on the verge of being defeated. It is remarkable how well it manages to deliver these dark emotions through a little girl on the screen being chased by big ugly dark monsters. Definitely one game that worth a try if you are a true fan of the indie genre.


Growtopia Gem Generator (Online Hack)

Today we have games like growtopia were players are learning to build, create and protect their creations. This is a good set up for a game. It helps enhance the imagination and creativity of the players. To be able to reach the bar even higher we have today the growtopia gem generator which will help you expand your vision more than ever. There are also negatives and positives about this generator but they al have the purpose to provide a long-term free gems solution for growtopia.

growtopia gem generator logo

Go to to get direct access to the growtopia hack.

Growtopia – What is all About?

Growtopia is a game that become popular on mobile devices. Today you can also play it on PC. It is a great adventure to take part and if you have not already then you should. It teaches you a lot of good stuff. You have to farm and you have to take care of your worlds by protecting them. As good as this game sounds there is also the lesser aspect of it. The growtopia gems are a pain in the butt for so many players – as you already know this since you arrived here on our website. The truth is that the only way to make Growtopia an even better experience for you is to have a free gems solution. The growtopia gem generator is created for that. It can generate lots of free growotpia gems within minutes and without any spending.

Many players however, do not need this kind of special help. Some players already enjoy all of the benefits of having as many gems as they want. Not everyone was born rich unfortunately. For a top notch free gems solution this is actually an online based hack where you do not have to download any files to your device.

A Growtopia Online Hack

Since Growtopia is available on mobile, MAC and PC it makes sense to have a similar free gems tool. The growtopia online hack is what will make your entire growtopia universe equally enjoyable on all platforms. It does not matter what is your preferred device. The growtopia gem generator will be able to send free gems into your account. The beauty of this growtopia generator is that it is created to keep your accounts safe.

Having implemented the latest technology in coding this free gems tool will keep your account safe. Go to the link posted at the beginning of the article (growtopia hack) to read more about this safety features.

The Negatives

All the positive aspects have been laid out. But what are the negatives of this growtopia gem generator? Your account needs to be created at least one month prior to using this growtopia gem generator. If that was a big disappointment wait for the next one. The amount of free gems you can get using this particular growtopia online hack is limited on a daily basis. On the official website they state that you can get a bit over 100000 free gems each day. This is maybe not as much as you wanted but we believe it is more than you need to use each day. Maybe you do not even play growtopia on a daily basis. You can simply visit the online hack tool and generate the free gems which you plan using the next day.

The tool is also really simple to use as you can see in the video below.

In a few simple steps you will be able to receive tens of thousands of free growotpia gems. The growotpia gem generator is easy to use, fast and most importantly it is safe!