Top Overrated Video Games of All Time

Kingdom hearts

kingdom hearts logo

Spin-offs are good in some instances. If you take the story of x-men spinoff of the most beloved characters, it works. But starting with the ps2 console, kingdom hearts become a mess. It was a good RPG game until it was not anymore. This was ruined by so many alternative stories which were released on many consoles including handhelds that no one can follow a straight line from start to end.

The gaming concept itself is a great merging between final fantasy and Disney characters was a lot of fun. Many gamers were enjoying the game be it Disney fans or off fans. They should have stayed to the basic formula from the earliest installments. Square Enix messed up this one franchise and hopefully it will be the only one.



tetris logo

I love and respect Tetris but you cannot make any great game from the Tetris concept if you want to. Other games such as Prince of Persia became a timeless classic because we have many other stories not just in games, but also in films even to this day after 20+ years since it was released in the late 80’s. But you cannot add anything more to Tetris. It is a great game for its time and it had its influence on the gaming world, but I believe it gets too much praise today. People like to venerate everything they can put their hands on. That is what I can make out of this.

Don’t get me wrong Tetris is a fun experience, I still play it even today if I have the chance. But it has its own spot. And its spot is lower than what most people allocate to it. At least this is my opinion.


Metal gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots

Metal gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots logo

The first MGS is one of the first games that I really played on the PS1. At first, I had no idea what this game is about. Not being a native English speaker, I could barely understand anything from the start. But then I got the taste of it and it was enough. However, as the story progresses through later sequels it’s hard to keep up with the story. I can almost imagine with mercifulness first time players playing MGS 3 on the Play Station 3. Too many characters. Too many friends and foes and which one is what and which one is not.

Even I who had a bit of sense about previous stories could barely follow the story on the Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake release. I wish they would have payed more attention to the newcomers. There are a lot of fans of MGS out there, but they would definitely get more praise if they would write the stories in such way to be comprehendible for new MGS players. What do you think?



Farmville logo

I don’t even know if this can be called an actual game. Should Farmville make it to this list? All I know os that this game made billions of dollars using the most simplistic idea. Bad graphics, lack of dynamics, unrewarding and definitely not ‘Free to Play’. This is how I characterize this game. It doesn’t even deserve much characterization because so many people wasting valuable time on such a wasteful game. You might be the die-hard fan that constantly checks to water your crops, tender your animals, etc. I never liked these types of rip-offs from game such as Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing which do not even come close to the actual original. Farmville is one of my most overrated games because everyone and their mother and grandfathers are wasting their time daily on games like this. But that is just me. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Or did I?



GTA IV logo

This game made it to the list not because I’m not a fan of the open world games. it is because everyone thought even before it was released that it is going to be the greatest game of all time. A great game does not require only great visuals and graphics. It also needs a story and believable and entertaining missions and struggles. GTA IV should have already been masters in telling good stories by this point. But they seem to get worse upon this aspect. It is a great issue of our era. People either don’t have stories anymore or they don’t know how to tell them.

Nonetheless, it was a fun experience playing with Niko at first, but the missions and the concept of starting the mission all over again is not its strong points. And if you do not have a good story and a good believable hero with human-like reactions and complexities than you do not have a compelling game. GTA IV made it to this list for good reason. It looked better on paper and in trailers compared to the finished product. Hopefully Rockstar change their ‘game’ soon. This can’t go on like this.