7 Best Games of the 90’s

The 90’s could easily be called the Golden Age of video gaming and choosing the top 7 games from all the fantastic productions was no easy task. The following list may fall short, but everyone will agree the following games have the true flavor of 90’s gaming and a must have item for all gamers at heart.

  1. Super Metroid (1994) – Super Nintendo

super metroid nintendo logo

With all the elements that made “Metroid” the smashing success it was, Super Metroid was the much anticipated second installment of the series and released in 1994. The action is set on a distant Planet (Zebes) where Samus must rescue the infant Metroid from the clutches of Ridley. You will a find of the old enemies encountered in the first game and a streamlined gameplay that has hardcore gamers coming back for more almost two decades later. This is a game that has never failed to disappoint.


  1. Goldeneye (1997) – Nintendo 64

007 golden eye logo

Doom was by far the greatest trendsetter of the 90’s first-person shooters, but it was Goldeneye that took the elements and presented them which such poise and perfection that they can hardly be placed in the same category. Goldeneye follows the adventures of James Bond, the MI6 agent who uses stealth and destruction to save Queen and country. While the campaign was rewarding and entertaining, there was another primary attraction to this game. Perhaps the most popular attractions about this game were the multiplayer deathmatches that kept the entire gang on the sofa despite the rantings of grownups. This was the first first-person shooter that was believed to be a game of its own, as opposed to simply another version of Doom.


  1. Donkey Kong Country (1994) – Super Nintendo

donkey kong country logo

By the time 1994 arrived, the old 16 bit Nintendo Entertainment System was beginning to go the way of the Atari and Genesis. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the Rareware developers in the UK from unleashing Donkey Kong Country with eye popping Silicon Computer Graphics on the stalwart system. Nintendo had brought back our beloved ape and the entire system saw a new breath of life. DKC was the unparalleled star of Xmas 1994 when all kids were hanging with Donkey and Diddy while chasing King K. Roll, the villain who had sequestered the banana horde. This game was not only an attractive game to play, but it was also highly addictive and the next levels, bosses and challenges were riveting. Just play a level or two and watch as the minutes turn to hours.


  1. Doom (1993) – PC

doom 1993

Affectionately known as the “Grandpappy” of the Halo series and every other FPS ever to come out on the market, Doom was the the first game to introduce the specific gaming perspective. This game was initially released in 1993 as a shareware game, but the audiences everywhere went wild and the LAN matches did much to fuel the Doom fever. This game is probably to blame for more lost productivity than energy failures. The storyline is grim as well, the main character, popularly referred to as “Doomguy” arrives on Phobos, one of Mars Moons, to respond to a distress signal. Soon he finds himself cleaning up after an experiment that opened the gates to hell. Armed with a pistol the battles begin. This game also introduced gamers to a slew of customizable options from buildable levels to the soundtrack of your choice. With a gruesome setting and gore that perfectly depicted the current international scene this game is an iconic symbol of the early 90’s.


  1. Resident Evil 2 (1997) – PlayStation

resident evil 2 logo

While the original was groundbreaking, Resident Evil 2 took all the concepts introduced in the first release and outdid itself in every way. There were more locations to find, objects to interact with and even more enemies — the licker has now been a major character in games and motion pictures. Bosses were also considerably more complex and the sizable game was played from two discs. Then after you finished the entire game, you could continue playing. RE 2 became an instant classic and arguably contains the greatest scare factor of any resident evil to date. This game is only for the 17 and older gaming community, but if you haven’t played this masterpiece, you should.


  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) – Sega Genesis

soinic 2 logo

The original Sonic was released in 1991, this game introduced a speed and concept to the platform game that had not been seen yet. With ramps, speed and attitude this game got better with the introduction of “Tails” the side kick. This game is largely considered the defining moment for the Sega Genesis system. The gameplay was fast paced and featured a Jump n smash interface with the characters environment. The relentless hero of the game is a sentient hedgehog with ultra speed and a strong responsibility to stop his nemesis the evil Dr. Robotnik from taking over the world. The games travels through a wide variety of biomes, levels and different objects to interact with. With twists and turns it’s best to play on a full stomach. This was the best-selling production from the Sega company and must play game for all true gamers.


  1. A Legend of Zelda (1993) – Game Boy

legend of zelda game boy logo

Link’s Awakening had a fore runner, A Link to the Past, this was released on a monochrome gaming station and no one was sure what to expect from this latest installment. But, the fears were unsubstantiated, and Link’s Awakening blew everyone’s expectations away. Far away from Hyrule Field, this game takes place on Koholint Island. Link’s mission here is to awake the dormant Windfish and return to his home. Thanks to a captivating story and fascinating imaginative gameplay this was to become an instant classic. Soon after the release, Nintendo added color to the game in time for the release of the Game Boy Color.


What do you think about this list? Do you agree with it? What other games would you add to thsi list? This is not an entirely subjective list anyway so I expect you to have you own best games of the 90’s as well. I did research and I picked top games that I have also played during this time period. Please leave your thoughts here on this post.